About us


To know Him more intimately and to make Him known publicly

Jesus Central is birthed out of a call to reveal Jesus to the world. Our vision is to bring Jesus’ bride back into His arms. We truly believe wherever Jesus is revealed, revival is birthed. Jesus Central is a ministry which believes strongly in church planting. Our ministry currently coexists in 2 nations (India and South Africa), harmonising a diversity of cultures, traditions and historical backgrounds which perfectly blends together and aims to glorify God, aid the advancement of His kingdom and entrench streams of revival in arid and thirsty landscapes.


The Raising of an army of Jesus Lovers

To raise a relentless army of Radical Jesus Lovers across the globe is our greatest passion and the chief objective of our Christ-centred charter. The existence of our ministry pivots on our significant vision of seeing people saved, healed, equipped, empowered and rendering service to our remarkable Saviour, Jesus Christ, by all possible means. We desire to be a church conducive to the holistic growth of the body of Christ, advancing together in our journeys of derivation from circumstantial sorrows to everlasting Jesus joy, from self-centred aspirations into Christ-centred destinies, from vain vanquishment to valiant victories!


An Authentic description of the Soul of our ministry

We hold in high esteem the foundational fact that God’s glory is most significantly displayed in the authenticity of grateful worship, the uncontaminated clarity of the Gospel truth and the evidence of transformed and unified lives. Ensuring that God is the foremost priority of our lives and enthroning Him in our earthly walk is and will always be our utmost and eternal vocation. Jesus Central is passionately fixated upon people, almost as much as we are passionately fixated upon the God who is all about people. These are the underpinning bedrocks which root us and guide us in our ministerial journey.


The revelational truths which propel our ministry

We believe that the key to a dogmatically Jesus-centred generation initially begins with the redirection of believers to their First Love. We believe strongly in cultivating a culture of Heaven on Earth by the propagation of the kingdom principles of Honour and Generosity.

Bringing His bride back into His arms

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