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Bringing His bride back into His arms

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We are honoured that you have taken the time to know more about us. Jesus Central is a fellowship of believers in multiple locations coming together to declare the glory of the Lord and celebrate Jesus as our King. At Jesus Central, we enthusiastically engage in thought-provoking study of Gods infallible Word, practically implement these biblically based principles to our daily lives and as a by-product of this tremendous combination, we grow together as a family. If you are yet to experience one of our life-altering, destiny-aligning sessions where Heaven meets Earth, know that we eagerly anticipate your visit and guarantee that your experience of Worship with us will serve as a catalyst to rapidly propel your Love for Jesus to newer Heights. We invite you to come and participate in loving Jesus without boundaries, without limitations and in an environment which comfortably facilitates your personal expression of gratitude to Jesus. May the sermons on this website help you to grow in your intimate walk with Jesus. God bless you richly!

About our founders

Pastor Vaibhav and Mukta Kapoor founded their service to God in the year 2007 and have diligently served God with faithfulness and relentless commitment to share the love of God with His people. Being the Founders and chief dreamers of Jesus Central they serve with a mandate to bring back Jesus’ bride (the Church) back into His arms. Their vision is to reveal Jesus on the face of this Earth and birth revival in this last hour.

As an apostle sent to nations, Pastor Vaibhav also leads a vibrant church in Durban, South Africa and fathers many other churches in India and South Africa. Pastor Vaibhav and Mukta are parents to two lovely children, Miraas and Veer.

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Pastor Vaibhav and Mukta Kapoor
Founders, Jesus Central

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Pastor Shyju and Tiny Mathew
Founders, Revive Nations

revive nations
We are a Revive Nations Church

Jesus Central is a ministry under Revive Nations. Revive Nations (RN) is a worldwide ministry that exists to glorify God, advance His Kingdom, and to fan into flame the fire of revival. Revive Nations is led by Pastors Shyju and Tiny Mathew. With offices in Montreal and India, the ministry has reached multitudes with the love of Jesus and the power of the Gospel all over the world for the last 26 years. Many thousands have been healed, saved, and blessed across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America.

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Bringing His bride back into His arms

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